I can't say whether it is reasonable to expect that many applicants
for such a position will have training in ESL, but I can say I
recently (1997) earned an MA degree in reading/Reading specialist
credential from UC Berkeley and we had several ESL and linguistics
related requirements. I'm not sure if that's a trend or not. The
demographics of California's colleges and universities (Fully 50% of
UC Berkeley's recent Freshman class reported that they did not speak
English at home.) would seem to make an ESL background indispensable
in this state.  Also, I know that the Student Learning Center at UC
Berkeley recently hired a person specifically to deal with issues
around ESL students reading, writing and studying.

>I took some grad coursework in teaching ESL, but it was an elective from the
>foreign languages department.  I don't think an ESL background is a realistic
>requirement for a reading specialist position, but I'm curious to see what
>others on the listserv think.
>Susan Dawkins
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>"Connor, Jessica" wrote:
>>  Does anyone think it is realistic to require that a new reading specialist
>>  have an ESL background?  Our department is trying to create a new "reading
>>  specialist" position, and we are not sure if we should incorporate ESL
>>  functions into the job duties or make that sort of thing supplementary.
>>  Any thoughts on this would certainly be appreciated.  Thanks, and happy
>>  holidays!
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Dominic J. Voge
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