Dear Colleagues--

I am Director of Intellectual Skills at Western Michigan
University, and the Provost here has asked me to investigate the
possibility of getting a community college to teach some remedial
courses for our students.  We are in the very preliminary "thinking"
stages of this issue; and before I approach anyone about it, I'd
like to find out what other institutions are doing.

If an institution you know of has a formal arrangement whereby a
community college is teaching remedial courses (or even other
courses) to traditional students (usually freshmen) enrolled at a
university, I'd like to hear about it.  Please contact me personally
at:  [log in to unmask]

Here are the sorts of things I'd like to find out:

1)  How long has the arrangement been in place?  What course does
it include?

2)  What are the names and tel. numbers of the key players in the
arrangement at both the university and the community college?

3)  What are the logistics of this arrangement?  Does it involve U
students going to the CC or CC staff traveling to the U?

4)  What have been the benefits and drawbacks of this arrangement?
In general how does it work out academically?

Even if you don't know all this detail, it helps me if you can
simply identify institutions that have this arrangement (rumors

Thanks for your help.

Phil Egan