WE recently purchased ACCUTRAK and have not had the opportunity to use it
yet, we moved into a new facility and the computers are not hooked up yet.
I look to this listserv to help understand the problems that our students
are experiencing, problems and concerns my colleagues have that are
connected to the field.  The problem that I have with this current
discussion is that the rep from Accutrack is using the listserv to post
their information and in the most recent post, basically yell at the
customer!  The listserv is not intended for personal contact, that needs to
be done off list.  I urge the two who are in the middle of a customer
concern to keep it personal and off of the list.

Karyn Schulz

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Jan, I'm sorry if my reply bothered you, but I don't think it's fair for
someone to comment that they "have been unable to receive any help or
guidance from the company" when they have not even contacted us.  As for my
answer to your question, it was not "sales pitches", but more of an honest
answer coming from my experience in this field.  I'm sorry if being a
"commercial party" automatically invalidates my answer.


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I like this listserv as a means of getting relevant information and the
gut-honest response of fellow professionals.  Given the realities of