Clayton College & State University, a 4 year public institution in the south
Atlanta suburbs, has just today approved a two hour peer tutoring course for
institutional credit.  In developing the justification for granting credit
for tutor training, we had to find precedents.

A few of these are:
        University of Georgia, ECHD 3010:  Paraprofessional Helping
Strategies.  One academic credit hour.  Required of all tutors working for
the Division of Academic Assistance.  Contact  Stephanie Marsh, Academic
Center Coordinator.
        State University of West Georgia, XIDS 2002:  What Do You Know About
Leadership?  Two credit hours.  Required of all tutors in the Freshman
Center.  Contact Cheryl Rice, Director.  Also, ENGL 4386W: Writing Center
Internship.  Two credit hours.  Contact Sonja Bagby, Office of Humanities.
        Middle Tennessee State University, ACA 300:  Theory and Practice of
College Peer Tutoring.  Two credit hours.  Contact Scott McDaniel.
        University of California, Berkeley.  Tutoring for credit available
in all disciplines.  One-three units/semester.  See
        University of Massachusetts, LSS 290A: Tutoring the College Student.
Two credit hours.  Contact: [log in to unmask]
        University of Minnesota at Duluth, SSP 3004:  Individualization of
Instruction.  Two credit hours.  See
        University of Pittsburgh, CAS 0910:  Seminar in Peer Helping.  Three
credit hours.  Taught by staff in the Learning Skills Center.  See

You can probably find others by using a search engine and entering
"tutoring".  I used Google for the hits listed above.  Notice, however, that
many tutoring courses do not have "tutoring" in the title, so it's possible
to miss a lot of them.


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Please reply to this on-line.  It is something that is under consideration
at our school too.

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I am interested in finding out how many colleges (specifically Community
Colleges) in New York State offer a credit bearing tutor training course.
Were are prepared to submit a course proposal for a 1-credit tutor training
course, and I would appreciate any statistics that might support this type
of course.  You may e-mail me at:

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Teresa Hoercher
Cayuga Community College