I am the Director of Learning Assistance at a 2 yr. community college. There
is no tenure for anyone here, but it takes an act of congress to budget
anyone out, if they so wanted. As far as rank, we have "professors" and
"associate professors". Our librarians are faculty, but the professionals in
the Learning Assistance area (myself included) are professional staff with
no special designation although our educational credits may be greater than
half the faculty on campus.

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Subject: rank & tenure

I've been asked to provide information about whether learning center
directors & professional staff have rank and tenure at other
institutions.  Do you?  DId you follow the same process as other
faculty members, and meet the same criteria?

So far, I've looked for this information in the NADE, CRLA, &
NCLCA websites and various links from those sites.  I know the
topic has come up on LRNASST before, and I could search the
LRNASST files if I had more time.  My next step is to look through
the professional journals from NADE, CRLA, & NCLCA.
But if someone has already collected this information, please send
me a copy!  If someone has located this information, please tell me
where it is!

BTW, I am the L.C. Director at a small, 4-yr., private, liberal arts
college.  The professional librarians do not have rank or tenure
either.  Our status is non-teaching faculty.  The topic of rank &
tenure has now come up in our faculty affairs committee.

Thank you for ANY guidance you can provide!  You may respond to
me privately at any of the addresses below or respond to the list.

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