Steven Runge wrote:

> Fellow Lrnasst'ers,
> Has anyone heard of or had experience with the Baldridge Reading and
> Study Strategy Program? From the promotional literature, it sounds good.
> I'm wondering if anyone's had them on campus & has gotten a sense of the
> results.
> Steve Runge
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At Rollins College we contracted with the Baldridges (Mr. & Mrs.) to do a
reading program perhaps 6 or so years ago.  The (limited number of) students
who signed up seemed to like it, if I remember well...

I thought their materials were sound, if very traditional, and the young
instructor who led the class was able to relate to our students quite
well--maybe that along with the curriculum made it successful.

The Baldridges came to visit us last year to see if we wanted to offer it
again but we decided not to offer any private program, and haven't done so
for at least four years now.  We prefer to ask our peer content tutors to
help their student clients improve their reading skills in the context of
their coursework, and hopefully on an ongoing basis with repeated tutoring

Our philosophy is that reading and study behaviors are the most important to
change, not discrete reading and study skills.  We have found that just
about all of our struggling students have been through study skill units and
courses but have chosen not to change their habits.   So I guess we question
the premise that an intensive course can effect changes in students'
behaviors, especially when the instructor (be it a young, recent graduate or
Mr. Baldridge himself) cannot interact/connect with the course materials and
learning demands that the student is faced with.  C

Does this make sense?

We do have the luxury of a capable student body since admission to Rollins
is fairly selective.  But we also have a good number of students (at all
levels) who are not satisfied with their performance. These are the
teachable moments--and for these students, some guidance from a tutor
(and/or writing consultant) who has seen his/her study process and resulting
products is more useful than a crash course, much of which might the student
might not need.

Susie Robertshaw

Susie Robertshaw
Tutor Coordinator and International Student Advisor
Johnson Student Resource Center
Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, 32789 USA

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