Ours is the same as Rutgers. :)  We are a state university with
about 12,000 students.


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As the University Director of Learning Resource Centers (6) at Rutgers
University, I am part of the professional staff.  Rutgers is a large
(39,000) state university, and no one in academic support programs has
faculty rank or tenure options.  Library staff, however, have faculty rank
and tenure track options.

Some of us in support programs (career services, counseling centers, etc.)
may have guest appointments, which carry no benefits other than a title.
For instance, I am an Associate Faculty member of the Department of
Learning and Teaching in the Graduate School of Education.  I have never
taught a class for the department, but I participate in their departmental

Karen Smith

>Lori Nielsen wrote:
>> I've been asked to provide information about whether learning center
>> directors & professional staff have rank and tenure at other
>> institutions.  Do you?  DId you follow the same process as other
>> faculty members, and meet the same criteria?

Karen G. Smith
Rutgers University's Learning Resource Centers
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"You cannot be a good theoretician, a good analyst,
without being a good practitioner.  If you are one or the
other, either something is wrong in your practice or
something is wrong in your theory."
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Robin Redmon Wright
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Stephen F. Austin State University