Following is a copy of the evaluation form I have used at two different colleges. At present I don't have an evaluation form for our math lab. Hope this helps


Glendale Community College
Math Solution
Evaluation Form

Name of Tutor_________________________ Semester:  Fall__ Spring__ Summer___
Course Number________________________ Year: _______

Rating Scale                                                                Excellent   Good   Average   Fair       Poor
Rate the tutors according to the following:
Knowledge of material                                                  ____      ____      ____       ____      ____
Ability to present information appropriately                    ____      ____      ____       ____      ____
Attitude                                                                        ____      ____      ____       ____      ____
Helpfulness                                                                   ____      ____      ____       ____      ____
Overall rating as a tutor                                                 ____      ____      ____       ____       ____


Blain Dunzweiler wrote:

This listserve is a valuable tool for me.  I disregard most of what is
on the list but the few issues that directly apply to me and my center
is very much appreciated.  I am looking for an evaluation of our center
and tutors for the tutee to fill out.  If I could get a few models as a
place to start would be great.  If you can and have the inclination
please fax a copy to:


Blaine Dunzweiler
Southern Adventist University
P.O.Box 370
Collegedale, TN 37302