The UCLA tapes are so old that most of my tutors
find them humorous (which can distract them from
the point).  The NC tapes are ok, but I think that
they are sometimes a bit repetitive.  I used both
in my most recent training (just two weeks ago)
and my training evaluation included the evaluation
of both sets of videos.  My tutors unanimously
preferred the UCLA videos over the NC videos.
However, I intend to continue to use both, and I
modified my set of UCLA videos to be in a
different order with some deletions (I cut out a
lot of the in between music because it became so
annoying).  I have to watch the NC tapes again,
and determine if I want to do that.

What I personally prefer about the UCLA tapes is
that the tutors will sometimes evaluate their own
performance, or talk about how they feel about
some of the issues that may come up.

I also think that the NC people did a lot of good
work putting there videos together, and they also
have workbooks coming out that follow the video
modules.  These workbooks (which I have not yet
seen) could make me change my mind about which set
of videos are more effective.

But I will probably always use both,

Hope this helps

Sandy Harrison wrote:
> A number of people have recommended the North Carolina tutor training
> videotape series, but our Center already has a set called The Tutor's Guide,
> which was published by the UCLA Office of Instructional Development and
> copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California in 1987.  Does
> anyone have experience with both tape sets?  If so, what are the advantages
> or disadvantages of each?
> Sandy
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