Common Space by Sixth Floor Media (a subdivision of Houghton Mifflin) allows
for keeping the integrity of the writing and yet the ability to add comments.
It keeps the original document in the left hand column and lets you put
comments in the next column. It draws a box around the pertinent piece that
you are commenting on . You can use this in the classroom as well with
several students working on the same piece.

It looks something like this

Original paper                Your comments would be here.
 | appear| here.                Subject verb agreement.

Not great drawing but you get the idea.

I used this with my online writing class. We didn't use the conferencing
part. We used the student version and just sent attaches files around.
Students liked it, because in peer editing they didn't get three Word
documents that they had to compare. Instead they go one document with three
different comments on the same piece.

Lucy MacDonald
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, OR.

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<< Good Day Colleagues,

We are prepared to launch on-line tutoring for our Distance Learning students
for the up coming Spring 2001 semester and wondering if any of you are
utilizing or know of software that would allow an individual to insert
comments without disfiguring a student's document.  Please respond to me at
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Marcel Rohan
Associate Director,
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