Paul Ellis wrote:
My undergraduate writing center consultants want me to have a book
available for them that might help explain grammatical/usage issues
to international students. They are looking for something more
appropriate than the typical handbook, which has an American audience
in mind. They would like an ESL book that goes into detail on issues
international students ask about, like the use of articles and
prepositions. Any suggestions?

--Paul Ellis

We would be lost without our Students' English Grammar by Jake Allsop, not just for ESL student use, but for our own use when students ask those perplexing questions about "Why this verb tense?" or "Why this article?".  It is a coded grammar handbook designed specifically for foreign learners of English "from elementary up to (British) post-First Certificate levels". Though there may be some variance in usuage, I haven't found any.

Publishing info I have is below.  I imagine Prentice-Hall will be the American distributor.
Allsop, Jake.  (1993)  Students' English Grammar.  Prentice-Hall International (UK) Ltd.  Campus 400, Marylands Ave. Hemel Hempstead Herfordshire HP2 7EZ
ISBN: 0-13-856089-7

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