Baldridge was used by Lynchburg College when I was there and I used them at
Sweet Briar for a couple of years.  It really depended on the teacher in
that case.  But what I would suggest is that you look at what they offer
for their program and then decide if it fits your needs.  I'm sure
Baldridge himself is no longer teaching the course (that was the problem we
ran into-nice man but was teaching well past when he should have retired.)
and the principles of all the programs out there are sound as far as I've
seen.  We finally settled on Learning Skills incorporated (800-849 9846 or
800 383 9187) because of the program they offered.  The effective reading
and study skills these programs offer are usually the stuff we have to
offer the students if only they would come and get it. But I have found
that students will come to something they have paid for outside of their
normal tuition, so these programs are worthwhile for that.  Learning Skills
Reading and Study Skills program got my vote because they provided a happy
medium-- Baldridge at L.C. happened over several weeks: good for skill
development, bad for retention in the program.  Another program I used had
a two-day weekend marathon program: good for coverage of everything and for
retention-it's only two days, bad for skill development--you don't use it,
you lose it.  Learning Skills has a one-day marathon and then the
instructor stays on campus for a week having individual and small group
meetings where the skills are applied to the school work of the students.
It works much better, I think.  If Baldridge or any other of the companies
could offer me a program like this, I wouldn't hesitate.


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> Fellow Lrnasst'ers,
> Has anyone heard of or had experience with the Baldridge Reading and
> Study Strategy Program? From the promotional literature, it sounds good.
> I'm wondering if anyone's had them on campus & has gotten a sense of the
> results.
> Steve Runge
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