Hi Listers,

     I have been have a lot of fun building my  page on education web
sites. I have made a few improvements like arranging the topics
according to specific courses followed by miscellaneous topics, each in
alphabetical order. Thanks to help from members of these lists I have
learned how to link the topics in the outline to the annotated url
addresses below the outline. It will not be necessary to scroll through
the whole list to get to your desired site. (I guess I get pretty
excited by the simpler things in life such as technology). I have also
added some new topics and new links.  It occurred to me that this might
make a good question for other list members. Sooooo here goes.

    What is your favorite education web site(s)?

     Please respond to the list so everyone may benefit from your
insight and work in finding good links, especially if you have developed
a personal web site, or have a school site, with helpful links to other
education related sites. A brief description would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for sharing this information.

    My favorite site of course is:
                                       follow the link to education
resources web sites

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