I purchased TutorTrac about six months ago for the Chandler-Gilbert Community
College Learning Center and love it!  I, like most of you, investigated other
computerized tracking systems and my decision came down to Accutrack or
TutorTrac.  One of the reasons I went with TutorTrac was that it is a web based
system and it had the features I needed.

I like the fact that you don't have to pay additional license fees to have it
on multiple computers.  I can access TutorTrac from home, conferences, anywhere
there is web access.  I have TutorTrac on mulitiple computers in our Learning
Center because we have separate rooms for the Writing Center, Math & Science
Tutoring, and the other subject area tutoring.  I primarily use it for tracking
student usage of the Learning Center, visits, visit hours, reasons for visit
(tutoring, studying, computer/software use, resources), demographics data,
generating various types of reports, tracking tutors work time and much more.
The Learning Center at CGCC primarily offers drop-in tutoring, however I am
moving toward appointment based tutoring in some subject areas next semester.
I will be utilizing the appointment based feature beginning in January.  I was
able to generate my end of semester reports in a matter of minutes!  It was
great and my Dean appreciates the fact that I can give her data in a timely
manner.  As a matter of fact, each time I meet with her, I generate a report
and share up-to-date data.  The reports function has been one of the things I
like most about TutorTrac.  It is efficient and has saved me so much time.

Another thing you need to know is my experience working with the folks at
Corder Associates has been excellent.  They are very customer service oriented
and have gone above and beyond to make sure I am a satisfied customer.  I would
recommend TutorTrac to any college or university.  If you would like specific
information on how it's working for me, please send me an email off the list or
call me and I'll be glad to share any information or discuss questions you may
have.  I will be on holiday break next week, but will be back on 1/2/01.

Happy Holidays,

Eva Falletta
Learning Center Coordinator
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
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"AuCoin, Dorie" wrote:

> Susan (et al),
> I am VERY interested in this "Tutortrac" software !!  I have been trying to
> search down some kind of program which would allow us to  enter both tutor
> and tutee schedules and match for "free times" so our workload in setting up
> tutoring meetings can be streamlined.  Right now we are still doing this by
> hand !!  V-E-R-Y time consuming !!  When "Tutor Mania" first came out I
> bought that and it had wonderful applications, we could even run data
> reports from the program on frequency of meetings, grade receipts, etc.
> However, the computer world changed from 5" to 3.5" floppies and since then
> I have given up hope of ever finding a replacement.
> Accutrac is fine for tracking, what I need, and it sounds like others share
> the same need, is a way to hasten initial meeting schedules and maintain a
> count of meetings held with the ability to run grade reports at the end of
> the semester.  Big order, huh??!!  Any input would be much appreciated!!!
> Thanks,
> Dorie AuCoin, Assistant Director
> Academic Achievement Center
> Bridgewater State College
> Bridgewater, Mass.
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> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 10:09 AM
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> Subject: tutortrac scheduling software anyone?
> We're wondering if anyone out there uses tutortrac software, a web-based
> scheduling and tracking software program.  I've read all the lrnasst
> messages about accutrack and spoken at length with Mon Nasser and a
> couple of users.  Now we're wondering what the scoop is on this one
> which we're seriously considering.  Anyone?
> thx. in advance for any info.  You can post just to me or to the list
> (thinking that many of us might want to hear about product), as you
> like.
> BTW, we have a peer tutoring program and a writing center staffed by
> peer consultants.  We also want to use the program to schedule app'ts
> with our professional staff.
> susie
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> Susie Robertshaw
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