Gary Probst replied:

I am using INTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA 8th ed.  by Bittinger published by Addison Wesley in my online developmental math course.  The supplementary materials give this textbook an advantage over other textbooks.

1.  CD-ROM with a lecture for each chapter
2.  CD-ROM with an explanation for each odd problem in the book.  If you do not like a written explanation, you can select
    to have an video with an instructor explaining the problem on a blackboard.
3.  All the material in the CD-ROM is read to you.   A reading problem will not prevent or can be used as an excuse for
    not understanding the information.
4.  Great test generator.  I was able to use it without reading the manual.
5.  Online diagnostic tests for each chapter.  The results of this test is emailed to the instructor.  Students are given the
     section(s) in each chapter they need additional practice.  There is online instruction given for the sections in each chapter that
     are identified as needing additional practice.
6.  Good technical support.
7.  None of my students have a problem installing and using any of the CDs or web based testing and instruction.

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Frances Loeffler wrote:

> I will be changing the text for the Introduction to Algebra course at my community college. I am interested in learning about texts that other colleges are using in this type of developmental (pre requisite) course.