I am sick of hearing about Accutrack, but I could use the $18. However, I
doubt you have my address or the others on the list, nor do we have any $6
tickets. If you still want to send the cash, let me know and I will post my
address immediately in order to get the money before Christmas ( being
Santa is expensive).

Seriously, this list is a great resource for me, but lately the amount of
non-related material coming over it is causing problems for a lot of us who
are busy with finals. Please try to send to correct addresses and refrain
from promoting products, etc. There is a difference between advertisement
or endorsement and objective reviews and comments from users. This list
must remain a place for us to share experiences and seek objective answers
to professional problems. Otherwise we will all leave the list and lose a
valuable tool for new faces like myself to learn from those with more


Norene Fiacco wrote:

> I need 3 $6.00 tickets, please.  Just put them in Campus Mail, and I am
> putting $18.00 in the mail for you.
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