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>Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 17:36:41 -0500
>From: Cathy Roller <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Standards for Reading Professionals
>Hello all--It's time to revise International Reading Association's Standards
>for Reading Professionals.  The Revision Committee has met and the process
>is beginning.  We are going to use a web-based review process as part of the
>review this time.  The following document is directions for using the
>Bulletin Board we have set up.
>The Committee will be meeting in mid-January so feedback by that time will
>be timely.  However, there will be many opportunities to give input.  This
>first step is to look at the existing document and comment about items to
>change and items to retain.
>If you have problems with the Bulletin Board email Richard H. Johnson at
>[log in to unmask] or call him at 302-731-1600 x298
> <<Bulletin Board Instructions.doc>>
>Thanks in advance.
>Cathy M. Roller, Ph.D.
>Director of Research and Policy
>International Reading Association
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>Newark, DE 19714-8139
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To all IRA members and interested parties

As you know, IRA revises our Standards for Reading Professionals every five
years.  The next revision is due in fall 2003. This process is normally a
three-year endeavor. A steering committee consisting of Allen Berger, Dan
Hittleman, Cathy Roller, and Gail Keating will manage the revision process.
In an effort to promote active discussion, prompt replies, and include as
many people as possible in this endeavor, we have decided on a web-based
review process of our reading standards. We invite you to review the
Standards.  Here are the directions:

1) The entire standards document, Standards for Reading Professionals, is
now on our website.  They are there for committee and invited reviewers
only. You can access the standards on our website at  The Standards have been broken
into sections listed below.  In each section, paragraphs are numbered for
easy reference during the review process.
        Part 1: Core Beliefs
        Part 2: Role Descriptions
Part 3: Matrix of Competencies
(Each competency, 1-16, is also broken into sections)
        Appendix A: Suggested Readings
        Appendix B: Related Web Sites
        Appendix C: Competencies of the Paraprofessional
Sections at this site can be downloaded and handy for when folks visit the
bulletin board.  Or you can arrange for the Bulletin Board and the
Standards section to be open at the same time using a split screen if you
know how to configure your computer to do this.

2) Web Bulletin Board and Getting Started with the Review Process
The bulletin board is currently up and active.  You can access it at  Please visit our bulletin board and register.
Itšs easy; herešs how:

Click on the URL listed above.

Screen 1: IRA's rules, policies and disclaimers for participation in the
bulletin board.  You need to press the "agree" button and that will enable
you to register.

Screen 2: Bulletin Board Registration.  Fill out the required fields and
any optional fields you wish to.  The system will assign a password to each
of you.  Make a note of your password.  Apparently, the system IS case
sensitive, so it will make a difference using upper or lowercase.

Screen 3: You have reached the bulletin board and a list of all the
"forums" IRA is asking certain audiences to discuss.  Some of the forums
will be restricted and you will not be able to enter them.  In fact, our
Standards forum is restricted.  Select the Standards for Reading
Professionals forum; it will ask for an additional password.  The password
we are using is ncate.  (Please note this field is case sensitive the
password is all lowercase).

Screen 4: Herešs where the moderator, Gail Keating, will post topic
discussions and this is also where you will respond to them.  Post general
comments under General Comments about Standards.  Post comments about
particular sections under those section topics.

Any additional instructions for this review process will be delivered via
email or posted on the bulletin board.  You should check the bulletin board

Okay, so register.

Okay, thatšs it ­ the review process has begun!!

Good luck, Gail

PLEASE NOTE: New Section on IRA Website
We have set up a special abbreviated Standards section on our website for
institutions that are preparing for NCATE accreditation. This is a public
area and contains our Standards Preface, Role Descriptions, and Matrices
for Roles 6, 7, and 8. I have not been given the URL for this section yet.
However, folks can reach it using the search engine once the site is
activated in the very near future.

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