One high school where I counseled offered a combined math course without options for separated coursework.  It was a required course for all students and then they could further pursue advanced math coursework.  It was a complete headache.  Every student seemed to be struggling with some component and no college accepted the class without an attached explanation.  It was hard to define as an algebra, geometry, or trig requirement.

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>>> Mary Ann Klicka <[log in to unmask]> 11/28/00 04:12PM >>>
Do any of your institutions offer a combined course which integrates
arithmetic and algebra?  There is a textbook that does this and I am only
aware of one institution that does, Seminole Community College in Florida.
Does anyone else?  Could you reply to me off the list and provide me with
some details:  (credit hours, success (when compared to the normal sequence
of arithmetic then beginning algebra), placement into it, whether students
are given the option of the integrated course vs. the standard two semester
sequence, course format, etc.

Do any of you offer a combined Basic and Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 1 &
2)?  Can you send me some details?

I know that you are very busy and I appreciate your help. We are
considering offering combined courses and need your assistance.

Thank you

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