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Subject: ARMA Gaith 12/14 Meeting/Tom Dale-RM Careers and Convergence

                           Come One, Come All!!!
                  ARMA Gaithersburg December Holiday Meeting
                  Thursday, December 14, 2000, 6PM to 9PM

Location: Willow Tree Inn at the Montgomery Village Golf Club, 19550
Montgomery Village Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD (Off I-270 take Exit 11
East for approximately 3 miles.  Go around the lake past the
Montgomery Village Shopping Center and at the light after the
shopping center turn left).

Speaker:  Tom Dale, President, Applied KM

Topic: "Status Quo: Not A Career Path for Records Managers" -OR -
"Convergence is Part-Fact and Part-Myth"

Relentless digital progress continues.  Tools allow us to produce
more stuff than we can effectively manage.  We drown in data and
information overload.  And we keep on creating more, continuing to
compound the problem.  Frankly, the collective "we" has been caught
in no-man's land, damned-if-you-do-damned-if you-don't, Catch-22.
One foot in analog (paper and film) and another in digital.  And,
for the most part, what we see is a mess.  What got us here?  What's
going to happen because of the mess (that is to say, when the fan
gets hit)?  What behaviors are observable in the marketplace that
hint on how we may position ourselves in organizations and

Mr. Tom Dale has served ARMA (Electronic Records Committee) and AIIM
(Emerging Technology Advisory Group, Standards -- including those
pertaining to Expungement of Public Records).  He's co-author of
"Indexing Business Records" with Susan Cisco, CRM (and the
abbreviation is not 'Customer Relationship Management').  Mr. Dale
is a frequent voice in the wilderness who cut his teeth in systems
engineering doing work in DoD R&D in the 1980s. Mr. Dale is one of
the few crossovers from the digital to the analog world, from IT to
records ("Kicking and screaming," he might add).  Mr. Dale has a
true appreciation of records management, its importance and
suggestions for potential positioning.  He will present his
observations on the technology marketplace to derive implications
for records managers in particular and organizations in general.

Status quo, quid pro quo, non sequitor, sine qua non -- which phrase
best describes your records management activities?

Menu Choice (Pick One):
Breast of Chicken Zinfandel;  Pasta Primavera;  or Shrimp Scampi

Includes rolls & butter; rainbow sherbert; and coffee, tea, or decaf

Cost: $24 for ARMA members; $29 for non-members and second-time

To place a reservation and menu order call the Gaithersburg Hotline
at 301-670-7044 x 200 or John Milligan at 301-415-6575, or email
John at [log in to unmask]   or  [log in to unmask]  Leave
your name, number and affiliation by COB 12/13.

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