You might want to take organizational style/culture/approach into
consideration, in addition to formal structure.

I was hired by the County Treasurer six years ago. Moved to the County Clerk
when the County Commission approved the program for the 1996 Budget.
Relocated to report to one of two Assistant County Managers a year later.
Moved into the new Division of Operations as part of a major revamp of all
functions under the County Manager a year later (triggered by my boss' and
another senior retirement), reporting directly to the Director of
Operations. Reassigned to report to the new Deputy Director when Ops became
Division of Information and Operations (DIO).

Currently, after the most recent restructuring, I report to the Director of
Technical Support Services, who reports to the Chief Technology Officer, who
reports to the Chief Information Officer (and Division Director), who
reports to the County Manager. Other direct reports to my boss are
Systems/Security (mainframe, LANs, WAN) and Data Center (mainframe, LANs
servers, printing).

Even though I am more remote from the top than before, paradoxically my
visibility, responsibility and pay have increased steadily over the years.
As an example, I am working as part of a project team with the CIO,
Communications Director and County Counselor (in my new capacity as Freedom
of Information Officer). Currently, I am working with the CIO to obtain
refunding for my student assistant, which involves the County Manager
requesting Wichita State's President to renew the project from property tax
monies earmarked for WSU and allocated for County projects.

Sedgwick County is very project/team oriented -- the CIO or even the County
Manager may and often does tap someone several rungs down for a project
assignment directly, rather than an assignment wending its way through the
hierarchy. I keep my boss in the loop, but can and do work with Legal
directly, attend weekly meetings conducted by the County Manager to request
items be put on the Commission agenda, handle certain DIO RFPs from start to
finish with Purchasing, meet with elected officials, and present to the
County Commission.

Teams involving stakeholders are an integral part of Sedgwick County's
strategic planning. Once developed, implementation is a primary
responsibility of division directors -- who report directly to the County
Manager. I receive direction from my immediate boss, and also directly from
the CIO and CTO. Setting objectives consistent with the RM and overall DIO
strategic plans are included in the annual budget process, and objectives
become part of my personal annual performance plan. Having been an active
participant in strategic planning, I certainly self direct to a considerable
extent -- I propose my own objectives.

Douglas K. King, Records Manager / FIO
Sedgwick County DIO -- Records Mgmt Services
Courthouse Records Center / 525 N Main /  Wichita KS 67203
VOICE 316/383-7977  FAX 316/383-4699
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