Yes, that is correct. Come one come all to the 2001 Records Management
Salary survey. Back
by popular demand, we once again survey what is on everyone's minds...

I am preparing the questions for the survey. As some of you older people
might remember we did
this back in 1998. What I need from you are suggestions. What shall we ask?
What do
inquiring minds want to know?

What is new this year:

International! We move beyond North America and invite the world. We want to
know what everyone is

Gender and age issues! Lets see if we can sort out inequities.

Does certification pay? Who knows, lets find out.

Who do you report to? Lets see where we all stand at this time.

Suggestions?? email me at [log in to unmask]

I want it short but we may need to ask a few more questions.

Results will, as always, be free to the public - worse, we will post them
here on the listserv as they come in. We will be using
I will provide you with the URL when we are finished. We will put the survey
up for as long as we can but I would like to see the results finalized by
May 1 (Mayday, the international workingman's holiday).

Send in the suggestions, we deploy in two weeks. A sample of the questions
may be made available for comments before that time.

Raymond K. Cunningham, Jr. CRM, CA
Manager of Corporate Records
Midwest ISO
5517 W 74th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
317.295.5416 fax 317.347.9685