On December 14, 2000, Estelle Davis asked, "
 Where does Records Management report, and where do they get direction from in a
strategic sense?"

At American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Records Management reports to the Manager of
Corporate Services who is under the Vice President of Administration, the
Division of Human Resources/Administration.  We are considered a Corporate
Service like the Print Shop, Mail Room, Audio/Visual, Facilities, Security, or

We get strategic direction filtered down through the budget/strategic planning
process, augmented by guesswork and self-generated initiatives.  Cutting
expenses is always good.

Legal is our biggest supporter, although Finance is our largest client in terms
of boxes stored, and referenced.

Next millenium, I will be pushing for a project with Information Systems to get
an enterprise-wide electronic records management system.

Lorinda Kasten-Lowerre
Records Analyst
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Torrance, California, USA
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