There are probably numerous articles available about this subject, but
basically you will have to develop a matrix that compares the associated

This analyis would look at the cost of the following (at a minimum);
Space - What is the client's square foot lease cost, How much of the space
is used for records (active and inactive). What is the offsite vendor's
storage cost. Must compare cubic foot cost see this website to understand
how much space filing equipment requires and

Manpower - How many personnel does the client use exclusively for records
work. What percentage of time is spent working with records.
Equipment - How much filing equipment does the client have and what types.
How much are they purchasing each year.
services - how many retrievals/refiles per day, urgency of need, quantity
retrieved/refiled daily, weekly, monthly

You will need to identify all factors associated with records storage from
which you can then develop a cost matrix or analysis in which one can plug
in the numbers.

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