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Hello Fellow Listserve Members

Is there anyone out there who can assist me with identifying some Critical
Success Factors in implementing and rolling out a Document Management
(repository). Eg.,

*       getting users to use the repository and not storing documents on
their hard drive etc..
*       establishing some ideas for communicating through training or
*       putting compliances measures in place, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Evelyn Farrell
Records & Archives Officer
Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad, West Indies

Key factors we have found in various implementations include:

   Making the DMS the only repository for documents available to users.
   Email MUST be included - with attachments.
   A useful classification is essential - it should mirror the paper file
   structure if you anticipate a parallel paper/electronic system.
   Communicating is essential - and often abandoned early on by IT
   implementors. This is a major part of people's work lives that is about
   to be mucked around with. Even if there are delays (and there always
   are) a timetable of expected milestones and the effort/tasks required of
   individuals will allay many fears.
   A demo of an early build of the DMS is extremely useful - many users
   cannot even envision HOW a DMS will change how they work. It will make
   the consulting work on classification, metadata fields, searches etc of
   a higher quality - and therfore more likely to be accepted.

Gee - that's a couple of essentials, a must and an extremely useful!

Liz Wilson
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