I do not know what you mean by "best of breed," but I believe a successful
RM program is able to answer "Yes" to the question: "Are we providing our
organization's staff with the information that they need, when they need

Rather than use a formula to determine the costs savings of our program, I
have developed an "Outcomes Survey" that I have distributed to our staff.
It attempts, using multiple choice, to identify the outcomes of the
information requests from the RM Dept and asks the respondent to assign a $
value to having the info available as opposed to re-creating it by other
means.  The respondents can multiply their hourly wage times their estimated
time to re-create or gather the information.

Hopefully, when all surveys are returned, I will be able to develop a
picture of:

1. Specific operational outcomes of information retrievals (ex: serving
clients, obtaining clients)
2. Cost savings - estimated by the users themselves.

You may have too many employees to conduct such a survey, but if you can
come up with a picture for your new Director of the outcomes (or real
benefits) of you efforts, you may come closer to speaking his language.

Oh, yes, and at the end of the survey I provided space for respondents to
list any services or improvements to the program that they feel are needed
for their operations.

Hope this helps,
Gary Link
LDA - The L.D. Astorino Companies
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Subject: What makes for good Records Management?

        I have been asked by my boss - what would I consider "best of breed"
Records Management?  I have a few responses but wondering how those in other
organizations would answer this question.

        I am the Records Supervisor/Manager for a medium size utility (2500
employees - power corporation) and feel our program is good but we lack alot
of support from the executive and upper management.

        Our new "director" came from an accounting background and his main
concerns are $$$$.

        Any answers would be appreciated.

Sandra Allen
Records Supervisor
NB Power Corporation
Fredericton, New Brunswick