As you're at Bechtel Hanford, you may be interested in the DOE's
Profile of Adopted Standards, Chapter 6, Data Interchange Standards
(  It is
probably close to a "national specification" of standards, and refers
to many of the FIPS, which adopt ANSI and/or ISO standards, as well
as de facto standards for recording data in interchangeable forms.

There is a version 2000 also, which I believe is still in

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On  6 Dec 00 at 11:35, Montgomery, Linda M wrote:

I am posting this message to the list on behalf of someone who does
not have access to this list.

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Is there a "standard" format for saving nonpermanent electronic record
images denoted in any national specifications?  Does NARA have a
preferred format?  I am aware that ASCII is the preferred format by
NARA for permanent records, so I'm not interested to those.  I am also
aware that .pdf is gaining popularity as a working-copy standard, but
am hesitant to use it for long-term storage because of its proprietary

I'm sure someone out there in "listserv land" can answer this
question. Thanks, in advance, for helping Kline out.

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