Thanks Sharon for mentioning our book.  Susan Palau, Director, Learning
Center, Purchase College

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                There are two books that are widely used in courses like the
one you will be
                Keys to Nursing Success, Janet R. Katz
                Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-019575-8

                Learning Strategies in Nursing, Meltzer &Palau
                W.B. Saunders ISBN 0-7216-6342-7

                I have been working with nursing students on study skills
for just a short
                time, but I have found they often have these issues:

                1) dealing with enormous amounts of reading; extracting the
important info
                2) synthesizing great amounts of info and being able to
apply it to real
                life situations.  It can be helpful to work with them on
Bloom's taxonomy,
                to help them identify the kind thinking they need to use on
different test
                questions.  The vast majority of test questions on the
Boards (I hear) are
                application and synthesis.
                I have also had success teaching the students to use concept
maps to
                organize their info into study guides.
                3) test-anxiety and test-taking strategies
                Many times students come into nursing programs already
having gotten
                bachelors and sometimes masters degrees.  It can be
disconcerting to some to
                have to struggle in a nursing program. Many nursing students
are also "type
                A" people. As a result, they develop a lot of test anxiety.

                I would love to hear other people's suggestions--I am still
new at this!

                Sharon Hagy
                Basic Skills Specialist
                Mt. Hood Community College
                (503) 491-7590
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                Subject: Nursing Study Strategies

                        I have been asked to give a study skills workshop
specifically for
                our nursing students.  I am not in the nursing field.  Does
anyone have
                suggestions for teaching study skills that would relate
directly to nursing,
                other than the normal study skills used in other
                        Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

                        Maria McKinney
                        Dominican University of California
                        50 Acacia Avenue
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