I am being asked to write up a strategic plan for my learning center.  I am
relatively new to this so I am wondering if someone would be willing to
share his/hers so I can use it as a model.  Big thanks!

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                Maria, You might want to look at "Effective tutoring for
Nursing:  A Guide
                for Peer Tutors",1994,  Carla Jean Eardley.  ED 379 033.  I
use this in our
                training of nursing course tutors.  Our School of Nursing
gives the Nurse
                Entrance Test (NET) to students prior to their entrance into
the program to
                isolate areas in need of remediation.  Students whose NET
profile (results)
                indicate deficiencies are referred to my office for
                We have a copy of the study guide for the NET which provides
many learning
                hints that tutors can share with students.  Hope this is

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                        I have been asked to give a study skills workshop
specifically for
                our nursing students.  I am not in the nursing field.  Does
anyone have
                suggestions for teaching study skills that would relate
directly to nursing,
                other than the normal study skills used in other
                        Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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