Hello David,

Yes, Educational Access Services is a division of our Academic Services

And yes, we serve students with disabilities at two satelite locations in
addition to the main campus.  ADA and Section 504 require that you
accommodate the access needs of those students at ALL locations.

For us, it is quite problematic since we only have two staff members and
they are both at the main campus.  I think it was Stan Shaw who wrote that
unlike their colleagues in K-12, postsecondary providers have no limits on
the numbers of students with disabilities that they may be called upon to
serve at any given time.  Presently, we serve nearly 200 students in
that division.  Are all postsecondary service providers always
up to the task?  Quien sabe?  Who knows?  Sometimes we are, sometimes we
are not -- it depends on a multitude of variables, eh?

We handle some of the remote access issues by telephone, FAX, Internet and
mail.  Other issues require personal, face-to-face contact.  In those
cases, one of our staff members drives to the satelite location and spends
a day there.  Unlike tutoring, access issues are mandated.  We try to
offer both services to the remote locations; a part-time staff person is
definitely warranted, but budget constraints may not allow it.  We depend
heavily on the administrative and faculty personnel at the remote
locations to assist us in these endeavors.

We do the best we can.  Those students need and deserve the access
services, and we try to provide them.  It is quite hard on the personnel,
however.  We are fortunate to have dedicated staff who are willing to go
the extra mile (literally!) for our students, but it is becoming apparent
that we cannot continue indefinitely in this manner.  One thing is
certain, those remote students appreciate whatever service we can offer.

This may not help you, but at least you know that you are not alone.  This
is an emerging phenomenon in which all of the implications are yet to be
understood or realized.

Best to you,

Pat Schutz
Mesa State College