Hello all.  I am scheduled to do a presentation for our Academic Dean next
week.  He wants to "get smart" on ESL issues.  As I've been dusting off my
TESOL Certification coursework and going through old files, I thought I
would ask all of you for any interesting ideas/resources you might have.

We are in a unique position at the military academy in that we don't have an
ESL program, but we do have a few international cadets and some
bilingual/non-native English US citizens.  While these cadets are not
low-level ESL students, one of the concerns we have is that given our
rigorous course schedule, the ESL cadets don't have the proper support when
they transition into USMA.  Our Reading & Study Skills Program is set up
more as a first-year experience and general academic study skills support
program than any kind of developmental program.

What would you say are the key issues we should be considering here for the
USMA ESL cadets?  What are some common themes or concerns that you have on
your campuses for high level ESL students that might be comparable to our

        Any insights would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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