THE TUTOR TRAINING HANDBOOK edited by Tom Gier and Karan Hancock is an
excellent and very popular resource.  It contains twenty-seven articles on
general and content area tutor training, and information about CRLA's
International Tutor Certification Program.  It is only $20 and is available
from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).  An order form is
available from the CRLA website at
I hope this information helps!
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Subject: tutor training resources

Hello all-

I'm looking for a few resources for tutor training. I have a lot of
information specific to tutoring writing, but I would like resources
that are not subject specific so that I can use them with the wide
variety of subject area tutors we are training. I am looking
specifically for information on questioning techniques in tutoring,
record keeping/ documentation, and conducting self-evaluations.

all best,
Melissa Helquist