Several years ago we developed a competency matrix for all the
competencies involved in English including reading, writing, oral
communication, critical thinking, focused viewing, etc.  We found that it
was useful for assessing students as well as evaluating our instructional
practices.  We also found it useful for evaluating currciculum materials
and whether or not or how well they were addressing our competencies.  It
was quite a detailed undertaking, but we feel that the results were worth

Bev Krieger

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Richard Damashek wrote:

> Is anyone running a competency-based developmental education program? If so,
> what competencies do you include in the program and how do you measure them?
> Further, what is the means you use to help students achieve those
> competencies?
> At Calumet College of St. Joseph, the Curriculum and Assessment Committee has
> established a subcommittee to investigate how to deliver a competency-based
> developmental studies program. The effort will begin with defining the
> competencies we wish students to exhibit before they enroll in regular
> college courses. The next step will be to determine how to measure those
> competencies, and finally, how to help students achieve them.
> These competencies include writing, reading, math, study skills, time
> management, computer, memory, note-taking, test-taking, and thinking.
> I would appreciate advice or learning about develop such a program.
> Richard Damashek
> Director of Academic Support

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