This is great, thanks for the info.
I have seen Inspiration too, now that I think of it.  Really great program.
Sharon Hagy
Basic Skills Specialist
Mt. Hood Community College
(503) 491-7590
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To: Sharon Hagy
Subject: Wish List for writing center.

Hi Sharon,
We are in the process of creating a writing center at SUNY Delhi.  I
might assume that you have computers available to you.  If not, that is
the first and foremost item.
As for software:
    Developmental writing:    Co:Writer 4000 (Don Johnston Company)
This is a word predict program in which it anticipates the next word or
gives you a word bank to pick from when you type in letters.  If the
student can figure out the first three letters most likely the word will
appear.  The word is spoken out for the student (yes, you need a sound
card and speakers).  It is very helpful to students with poor writing
skills because the spelling of a word is done for them.

Still in the developmental writing   Write-OutLoud (Don Johnston
Company) This program is for the more advanced writer who makes simple
mistakes in grammar or word choice.  As the student writes, it is read
to them word by word, and then the sentence is read to them when
complete.  The student can highlight a passage and have that read to
them.  Some times a student can hear a mistake an correct it.

For the research papers  Draft: Builder (Don Johnston Company) This
program is an easy way to organize information while collecting it then
move it to outline and then to a draft.  It has several templates to
guide the student through the research paper process and creates a
running bibliography in several formats.

The last is Inspiration (Don Johnston Company) which is an pictorial
outlining program.  It works will for students who have a difficult time
organizing their thoughts.

The nice thing about these programs is you can buy them as a package for
$584.00 for one set.  There are other packages available.  We have had
success with students on these programs.  They are EASY to use so
training time is reduced.
The students see improvement in their work immediately and are most
likely to use it.

Oh, Don Johnston Company  1-800-999- 4660
I hope this helps.
George E. Irwin
Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
SUNY College of Technology at Delhi