Dear Peg,

I faxed you this morning.


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Subject: Re: Tutor Applications

Please fax me a copy of tutor applic. & faculty recomm. forms.

Peg Dansereau MEd
Manager of Academic Support
Office of Student Affairs
Adjunct Instructor, Medical Education
University of North Texas Health Science Center
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Dear Mary Catherine,

I can share our forms for tutor application and professor recommendation if
you provide an address or fax #.

Judy Villa

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Subject: Re: Tutor Applications

Hi Mary Catherine,

I've got some suggestions for you if you'll send me your address!



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Subject: Tutor Applications

Good Morning All!!

Our tutorial program is designed to were we have the same 6 - 10 students
tutor in our drop-in center.  I am looking for applications questions that
you typically ask on your applications.  I would love to have copies of the
applications you use, but I am afraid that I would be opening Pandora's box
asking you to send me copies.  I would be more that happy to post to the
list serv the application I create.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Mary Catherine Denmark
Director, Student Resource Center
Washington & Jefferson College
Washington, Pennsylvania

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