Flip two letters so that the site name is


is    not     si as in the original post

Liz Dewey

"Foster, Ken" wrote:

> I tried that url in both Internet Explorer and Netscape and received an
> error message that this site can not be displayed.
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> Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 12:50 PM
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> Subject: Learn on-line
> I greet all:
> I contact you to comment you an internet address that
> I have found and it has seemed me of great interest. I
> am a teacher of Spanish and often I look for webs that
> facilitate me information about Spanish culture and
> that they also have courses of Spanish. In short this
> course has surprised me since to be innovative and it
> is completely on-line. For the years that I take of
> experience I can tell you that the teaching method
> seems more than simple and practical for what it will
> facilitate in great measure the individual learning,
> as you already know, it is very complicated.
> I encourage you to visit the web (
> ) and you can confirm
> what I'm telling you and also I ask you that you
> facilitate me addresses of other webs through which I
> could be carried out on-line courses..
> Thank you ahead of time.
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