I know this listserv has talked about the different ways the offices are
organized, but I could not find it in the archives.  If anyone knows the
right term to search under let me know and I'll try it again.

But here is my question anyway.  I work at a small liberal arts college and
my title is Director of Learning Services and I've been here for 1 1/2 now.
I coordinate all the academic assistance, and coordinate the services for
students with disabilities.   The center had started 10 years ago as a K-12
tutoring entrepreneurial venture and evolved to provide service to its own
students.  Therefore, I still run this profit-centered community tutoring
program.  And, because that was so successful, the center also traditionally
did some summer kids college academically focused programs.  Therefore,
there we were asked to  dabble a little bit in non-credit programs to see
how it grows.  Additionally, the responsibility for adult student services
and developing more support for adult students on campus came to the
Learning Center at the start of this year.  With a staff of 3, I feel as if
I am spread way too thin!!  I was curious if any of you had this kind of a
mix of a responsibility and how you support all the different programs
effectively.  I can't decide if there are ways I can organize the work-load
so that we can be more effective, or if I should ask for more staff, or if I
should re-evaluate the mission statement and figure out which things might
be better served in another area and advocate for that.  One staff member
whose title is Adult Education Coordinator has the responsibility of the
non-credit programs and the support for adult students.  However, she is
struggling because she feels as if she can't switch gears to support both
credit and non-credit programs.  She would like to be solely responsible for
the non-credit programs and the summer camp (not the K-12 tutoring), but
then that leaves all the rest to myself and 1/2 of a secretary.  I think
supporting credit students should be our top responsibility, but I would
love to see how other institutions set priorities.
I look forward to your response!


Rochelle A. Butler, M.Ed.
Director of Learning Services
Maryville College
502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN  37804
(865) 981-8121

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Response to Arleen Janz request for info on high school tutoring:

I was involved in a program like you describe while I was in charge of
a tutoring program at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC).  A
local high school recruited parents and business people to colunteer to
tutor high school students.  I did the training of the volunteer tutors.
 For more information, contact Diann Back at CPCC.  She can give you
more detailed information on how the program worked.  She can also put
you in contact with Dr. Lloyd Wimberley, the principal of the high
school with the innovative tutoring program.  You may reach Diann Back
at [log in to unmask]

Best wishes for success to you...............


Dennis H. Congos
Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Student Academic Resource Center
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