Richard and Others,

      By far the best designed, most thorough and recent study of a
competency based program was conducted by Richard Sawyer and Jeff Schiel,
"Postesting Students to Assess the Effectiveness of Remedial Instruction in
College," ACT Research Reports Series 2000-7, June 2000, 24pp.  This study
involved 19,278 students at 9 two-year colleges and 10 four-year institutions
in a state postsecondary system. Courses studied were reading, writing and
math. It's an eye-opener.  You can get a free copy by writing: ACT Research
Report Series, PO BOX 168, Iowa City, Iowa, 52243-0168.  Or you might try
calling the ACT Central Office: 319/337-1000.


Gene Kerstiens
(310) 326-5819