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At the Winter Institute 2001 awards banquet held in the Phoenix area, the
winners in the LSCHE 2000 Web Site Excellence Program were announced. The
award winners represented both community college and university learning
support centers from Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, and
Pennsylvania. Five judges, from Cochise College in Arizona, Indiana
University of Pennsylvania, the University of Arizona in Tucson, and
Western International University, selected the following winners:

1st Place Award: Tutoring and Learning Resources Center at the University of
Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

2nd Place Award:  Academic Learning Centers at Union County College in New

3rd Place Award: Center for Academic Success at Louisiana State University
in Baton Rouge

Honorable Mention: Liberal Arts Learning Center at Purdue University

Honorable Mention: Learning Support and Tutoring Center at Pima College East
Campus in Tucson

Honorable Mention:  Learning Support Center at Paradise Valley Community
College in Arizona.

All award winning centers are entitled to display on their home page a LSCHE
2000 Award Icon designed by Rick Sheets, Web Master of the LSCHE web portal.

In addition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award winners receive a Web Site
Excellence Award plaque, and prizes donated by two publishing companies:
from H & H Publishing Company, 250 copies of the Technology and Internet
Assessment by Michael Ealy; and from O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.,  a book,
Web Navigation: Designing the User Experience by J. Fleming. The Honorable
mention winners receive an award winner certificate and a book, Web by
Design: The Complete Guide by M. Holzschlag,  donated by Sybex, Inc.

Watch for details of the LSCHE Web Site Excellence Award Program for 2001 to
be announced in late spring of 2001.

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