I am doing something similar to what you are doing as part of a GEARUP grant being administered from our college.  The purpose of the grant is to get more kids interested in and better prepared for college.  It is a huge grant and I play a very small role in it.

I have been asked to start a math tutoring lab at a local jr high school.  We just started 2 weeks ago.  The lab is held for one hour after school on Tues, Wed and Thurs.  I am paid by the grant and I have a college student assistant who is also paid.  I have been "winging" it for the last couple of weeks as far as tutors go.  I am told that there is an army of volunteer students from Brigham Young University, who is in our same community, and I'm planning on having them available for tutoring this week now that they are back in session.

We have set up an incentive program where students can earn a TI-30-something calculator (2 line display, does NOT do fractions, about $15/each) I made up a card that the student keeps STAPLED into their student planner.  They can earn a stamp on the card for coming to the lab, getting an A or B on a test or a homework packet, accessing our online tutoring that we are trying to also get established, and such things.  They need 30 stamps for a calculator.  There are lesser prizes of different school supplies.

As part of this program I am supposed to be teaching study skills.  I'm planning on doing this in occasional 10-15 minute lessons during the after school lab and an occasional weekend workshop for PARENTS and students.  I'm still in the early stages of planning on this part of the program.  Other ideas have included a math club in which we do math enrichment with real life applications and field trips to learn about math in careers.

I'd love t get more input on this topic, as I am still trying to find out what will work best.  We hope to expand to other schools and the high school.  Also, another topic that has risen from this new alliance is that of aligning public school curriculum with the oollege curriculum.

Good Luck...let me know how things go.

Kathryn Van Wagoner
Utah Valley State College
Orem, Utah
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Our school has received funding to enable us, for Jan-May only, to set up a
partnership with one of our local high schools that has received a low grade
on their "report card" that our state uses to determine how well our schools
are doing. To help them achieve higher scores in testing (specifically
math), and to place a presence in their school to encourage students to
attend our college, I have been asked to set up a tutoring program in the
high school itself using students from our college campus.

Has anyone else here done something similar? What did/do you do? How is the
program set up? What problems did you face? Does anyone have any advice or
admonishments for me as I set out to make this work?

Arleen Janz
DMTC Supervisor
Hillsborough Community College
Tampa, FL
(813) 253-7445