Hi Listers,

     It has been a while since we have had a discussion about
cooperative learning so I thought I would initiate one to start the new
year. Do you believe it is 2001?

     This is actually a somewhat generic question and even though it
applies to any institutional or individual change but I would like to
focus it on cooperative learning.

“What would it take to convince or encourage you to try
cooperative/collaborative teaching/learning techniques in your classes,
or increase the degree to which you currently use student centered
learning approaches.?”

   Please respond to the list and I will compile the responses and put
them on my web site.  I have listed a few previous discussions below and
the link to the master list of discussions for list members who may be
new to the list/

Previous Internet discussions- index page

Examples of previous discussions-

How do you use unique or alternative assessment methods to get to know
your students

How have you overcome obstacles to coop learning?

When is cooperative learning inappropriate to use?

Why did you chose cooperative learning/student-centered as a teaching

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