I would like to keep this discussion about scheduling information in data
warehouses on the list, since there are many of us whom this now touches.
thanks -

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Subject: Scheduling of Information contained in Data Warehouses

I need the help and expertise that this list provides in determining proper
retention and disposition procedures for records/information stored in data
warehouses.  This was a topic that was last brought up in May of 2000 but
which generated few responses on the list.

Briefly, my issue concerns the Bureau of Emergency Communications which
provides emergency 911 services to the surrounding community.  Most of their
records are stored electronically and the bureau is moving firmly in the
direction of data warehouses for all their records.  Most of the operation's
records have a short retention period(30 months).  The bureau is also
flooded with public records requests, which takes one FTE to keep up with
inquiries.  In general records or reports are generated as a result of
querying the database based on what the public has requested.

I am looking for any information, especially from those in local government
within the US that have run into this issue or have found good
solutions/recommendations for scheduling and disposing of
records/information stored in this manner.  Bureau representatives are
anxious to comply with records retention laws, however they are equally set
on taking advantage of technology that will ensure an efficient operation of
their bureau.  I have also been told that the way the databases are
structured, it would be difficult to purge information off of the system
without it being a difficult task.

I would appreciate any information or suggestions that this list can

Thank you in advance,


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