In the digital world CDRs are now considered passe'. I believe this is
being said since CDRs, not so long ago, were sold for $7.00 each and are now
$0.70 each. The profit margin has disappeared not only  for the media but
also the software and hardware for image capture. CDRs are a media just like
floppies and digital tapes. The image format used is more important than the
media when you have a 7 year life.

The answer to your question is based on the A/P application. Not all
accounts payable files are the same. Some are opened and closed the same day and
some take several years. How many files are generated each year; how many pages
(images), how often are the files accessed and how many people need

Although I sell microfilm, in all honesty copying images from CDRs to DVDs
(or whatever the new flavor will be) should be inexpensive. It's migrating one
image format to another that has the high price.

John R. Glover

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    I would like to thank everyone for all the great
response to my

litigation question.  As of now my 700 boxes are a

   hold.  As someone suggested Mr. Skupsky won't pay me
if I get fired.

   New question.   We have been doing Accounts payable
on microfiche for

years.  We keep them 7 years. They have a new manager
who     wants to look

into using CD-Rom  vs. microfiche.  Does anyone see
converting CD -Rom

information  to the new greatest, latest, technology anytime
soon?  They

keep the microfiche in their area and  send paper copy to
storage.  They are

looking for comparison in cost.  I am a big microfiche fan.

Linda Collins/Senior Records Analyst


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