I have 25 years experience in image capture as a service bureau vendor. I
always recommend my customers do some level of inspection no matter how well
they trust the vendor.

All vendors offer 100% satisfaction but few conversion projects factor in
the cost of high level QC and the variety of inspection procedures that the
project might require. Even if your RFP requires 100% and your trust the vendor
you should always do some inspection.

How critical are the documents being filmed, are the paper files to be
destroyed and what is the budget set aside for verification.

Keep in mind you can always hire a vendor to verify the images.

John R Glover

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Subject: Using a microfilm service

For those who rely on others for microfilming:

Do you complete a 100% verification of the quality checks (density,

resolution, and manual scanning) on each roll of film? If no, any

checking done?  Every 10th roll?  Once a
month?  All comments welcome.

Thanks, csp

Chris Prince, CRM

Progress Energy Service Company


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