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G'day Peter

I agree with your musings on this one. Here in NSW, State Records
( has various recordkeeping standards and checklists.
There is also a detailed checklist in Aust Standard 4390. These can be used for
self assessment and auditing compliance, though they are too high level for
auditing functionality or effectiveness.

There are also compliance requirements for any organisation which has ISO 9000
series Quality Assurance accreditation. A lot of these are document-related. I
do not know if there are any checklists.

NSW State Records is setting things up so that compliance auditing will be done
as part of the periodic overall audits of each government organisation by the
Auditor-General's Department. This has the advantages of aligning RM audits with
a much broader process, and ensuring that the auditors are a genuine third
party, but has the disadvantage that the people doing the audit are management
accountants and are unlikely to have more than a superficial knowledge of RM.


Glenn Sanders
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