>I WOULD be amused by it if it didn't keep popping up as if it were brand new
>and brilliant, every time a new manager arrives in State government from the
>private sector.  :-)  I get awfully tired, sometimes, of being assumed to be
>stupid because I don't catch the vision...!  And actually have the nerve to
>refute it, too!

Yep, a hot button for ANY of us in the role of trying to "get our
hands around" the situation...

Speaking of this, have any of you had any experience with
Intradoc/Xpedia?  I saw a presentation on this product just recently
and while it seems to be geared to "desktop documentation" primarily,
but because it's based in Adobe (PDF format) images, I'd assume it
can be opened up to others.

One of the features of this product is you can set an "expiration
date" for items included in the EDM system, but like the "scan
everything" folks, when quizzed on the functionality of this feature,
the guy making the presentation said "I don't know... no one is using
it" <=8^)

It's NOT INEXPENSIVE... licenses are in the range of $170k and it
requires Windows NT or SQL server and MS Web Browser to support the

Would appreciate any feedback from users-

Thanks!  Larry

Lawrence Medina
Sr. Records Administrator
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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