Maybe one way to go about this would be to first get a full listing
of all the current contract numbers at all the Iron Mountain
facilities your organization is storing records at.  This could be
done by the local Records Managers who are in contact with the
facilities simply requesting a copy of their inventory listings,
which would be a good start point for an audit of existing records
prior to entering into a National Agreement.

Then, if you're working with a National Accounts Representative, have
them notify the regional facilities of the termination of any
existing agreements and  have the existing contracts cancelled and
rolled into a National, with some form of sub-letter/number
identification for the regional repositories.

This would avoid any need for negotiations with the existing regional
facilities over contract end dates, storage rates or processing fees.
Payments could be released from your headquarters to the regional
facilities, or to Iron Mountain's head office, where they would
disburse funds to the regional facilities.

Things you should attempt to negotiate into your agreement would include:

- periodic audits for completeness of inventory
- verification of turnaround times met for deliveries
- assurances that facilities will not be closed and records relocated
during contract term
- records removed will not be subject to a placeholder fee (charges
for storage will be related to actual inventory only)
- ability to have records picked up by common carrier or your own vehicle
- provision ensuring if records are to be removed due to failure to
meet terms and conditions there will be no "out charge"

The thing I find hard to believe is that BP is entrusting their
records to ANYONE outside of their own jurisdiction!  In 1980-82 I
was the Technical Services Manager for one of the North Slope
contractors on the BP/SOHIO side of the slope and had never
experienced such stringent control on records as was placed on us by
SOHIO on the behalf of BP.

If you're familiar with the term "Job Dossiers" I'm sure you know
what I'm talking about... we had to have the binders reprinted *3*
times because the lettering was the wrong size, or the binders were
the wrong color, etc.  16 copies were required for submission to the
client, 6 of which were sent to BP... one for here in the US and the
other 5 to go overseas.

Good luck in your negotiations and PLEASE feed back to us how it went!

Lawrence Medina
Sr. Records Administrator
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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