I also would really appreciate this information.
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Subject: Payroll Records

List Members,

First...Thanks to all of you for providing great leads and topic ideas for
articles for our ARMA Chapter newsletter.  It has made my job as an editor
so much easier!

Peter.... the Rain postings have provided some excellent articles...good
work!  It's amazing how easily people will give reprint rights for their
work....must be that ego thing.

It would go without saying that the list members expertise has also been a
tremendous help for all of us still green around the collar.

Anyway, on to payroll records.....

We use an outside service for our payroll processing.  Currently, we receive
a CD with all data and all hard copy reports as well.

Is it necessary to keep the paper?

Should a back-up already exist at the payroll service provider?

Is the provider legally responsible to retain these records on our behalf
for any period of time?

If so, would this serve as a back-up?

If not, as these records have short lives, is it feasible to keep our own
off-site CD back-up and destroy the paper?

Would it be at all necessary to film these short-term records?

We are just beginning to investigate our imaging system options.

Thanks much.


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