I know of a solution that will knock your socks off.  Just call Marcel at
LTM Business Concepts at 701-224-1657 have an out guide manufactured that is
very popular in the medical and business market. Might be just what you

Bill Roach, CRM
North Dakota ITD/Records Management
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Subject: Vinyl Out-Guides

This may well win the low-tech question of the year award.

Does anyone have a substitute for or a source of letter-size vinyl pocket
out-guides suitable for records storage boxes?  The closest I can find are
for open shelves but the end-tab makes them longer than the boxes are wide.

We are trying to use a prominently displayed photocopy of the request form
as a substitute for the traditional (i.e. illegible and incomplete) manila
out-guide.  We are also considering using manila folders with "OUT" stamped
on them but doubt that they would be as convenient as a vinyl out-guide.

Your responses (even if tinted with ridicule-including yours, Peter) will be

Paul Scott
Harris County