Happy New Year to all,

I am pleased to announce another mirror website for my records and
information management resource list located on the server of PRISM
International, at  (click "Resource List" when you
get to PRISM's homepage).

Many thanks to Jim Booth - singer, songwriter and all around good guy for
providing his organization's website.

Those of you in warmer climates who are not here in my living room to see
the snow plows and tractors clearing the more than 2 feet of snow from the
parking area don't know what you are missing.  If I didn't know better, I
would believe I have been transported to Mark Langemo's beloved North

Oooooopppps, gotta go - my wife is having trouble starting the fire in the

See ya later Nanook,


"A Cancer Survivor"
Edison, NJ
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Cancer may have robbed me of that blissful ignorance that
once led me to believe that tomorrow stretched forever.
In exchange I've been granted the wisdom to see each today
as something special, a gift to be used wisely and fully.
Nothing can take that away.

Hopes and dreams reign where cancer cannot go.

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