Hey Douglas,
       This duty has always fallen in the hands of our systems
     administrators.  Why, as a RM should you be bogged down in this too.
     It sounds as if you have enough to handle.  More importantly, I am
     surprised that your organization computer personnel would let this
     duty fall within the relm of RM.


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Subject: Software licenses control
Author:  [log in to unmask] (Records Management Program) at INTERNET
Date:    1/9/2001 1:14 PM

A few questions about management and control of software licenses within
larger organizations, especially governmental ...

First, a bit of background. Recently Microsoft has required certain larger
local governments to present evidence that all MS OS and application
software installed on their PCs -- in most cases many thousands of PCs -- is
legit. As I recall, in one case MS demanded a response within 30 days, but
then relented and allowed an extension. At issue is NOT that the targets of
the audits and legal action have knowingly bootlegged, but that they may
have purchased from low bid vendors who provided pirated product.

Sedgwick County has the usual policies and procedures in place to ensure
purchasing and installing adequate OS and application software for PCs
purchased. However, responsibility for compliance is not specifically
assigned, nor is there any central database of installs and licenses, nor is
there routine audit to ensure records accurately represent reality.

The Chief Technology Officer wants a proposal for a new position to
proactively manage and control all software licenses, in partnership with
departments. The general thinking is that Records Management Services
already works with all departments on RM and open records, has systems of
departmental RM Coordinators and Open Records Coordinators in place,
presents scheduled and as-needed training, and has a track record of
partnering with departments to solve problems. The idea is to add a FT
position, who would spend full time starting the license control program for
four to six months (perhaps longer), and then would be assist with general
RM, Records Center operations, and open records issues.

Current RM staffing here is me and a PT RM/Archives Assistant (Wichita State
Public History grad student). Opening the new Courthouse Records Center
early this year ramped things up plenty, but then I was appointed Freedom of
Information Officer in August (result of new, expanded provisions in the
Kansas Open Records Act). Another FT position, even if it's devoted 25-30
percent to software licenses management, would certainly help cope with
booming business and keep the overall RM program on track.


(1) Does your enterprise have a distinct software license control function
or position?

(2) If so, is it assigned to RM?

(3) Is it a part time responsibility for one position, shared among multiple
positions, or does it take one or more positions full time? What is the FTE
(full time equivalent) requirement for the function?

(4) What position description is used? A general RM one? One specific to
software license control? If a public agency, what is the pay range?

(5) When did your program start? How long did it take to implement? Is it
working well?

(6) To better understand your responses, how many employees and how many PCs
are there in your enterprise?


Douglas K. King, Records Manager / Freedom of Information Officer
Sedgwick County DIO -- Records Mgmt Services
Courthouse Records Center / 525 N Main /  Wichita KS 67203
VOICE 316/383-7977  FAX 316/383-4699
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